64 Top Literary Nations and Thinkers 

A. 64 Top Literary Nations (the last places to visit or in which to live before you die). Based on data (literacy rate, bookstores per capita, books read per capita) and subjective personal experience.

1. England (in addition to quantity of bookstores, has a "literary village".

2. France

3. Russia

4. Egypt (remember, they have some of the oldest things ever known to have been written).

5. China (a lot of very old books)


B.Top 64 Thinkers/Public Intellectuals/Political Philosophers/Cultural Agents/Influencers


Our ranking of intellectual leaders or thinkers worth following in the real world of political change, social movements, culture (updated 2-14-21).

1. Toni Morrison (USA, Nobel Laureate writer)

2. Colin Kaepernick, (USA, critic in exile of NFL)

3. Barack Obama (USA, former President)

4. James Tully (USA, philosopher)

5. Bill Gates (Founder, Microsoft; thinker)

6. Jane Meyer (Journalist, author of books)

7.  Rachel Maddow (MSNB journalist and author)

8. Cristina Rivera Garza (Mexican writer and public intellectual)

9. Cornell West (USA, philosopher, public intellectual)

10. Slavov Zizek (Slovenian philosopher and public intellectual)

11. Don Lemon (MSNB political commentator)

12. Juan Villoro (Mexican writer and public intellectual)

13. Jorge Franco, (Colombian writer)

13. Anthony Fauci, (pandemic expert)

14. Alfonso Cuarón (Mexican film director)

15. Gayatri Spivak (USA, feminist philosopher)

16. Chico Buarque (Brazilian writer and artist)

17. Kamala Harris (Political activist and VP)

18. Greg Popovich (formerly Pomona College, currently NBA coach of San Antonio Spurs).

19. Noam Chomsky (USA, linguist and public intellectual)

20. Diamela Eltit (Chilean writer and academic)

21. William E. Connelly (American Philosopher)

22. Philip Potdevin (Colombian writer)

23. Joxe Azurmendi (Basque philosopher)

24. Guadalupe Nettel (Mexican writer)

25. Amartya Romar Sen (Bengalese economist)

26. Sergio González (Mexican journalist)

27. Axel Honneth (German philosopher)

28. Héctor Aguilar Camín (Mexican public intellectual and writer)

29. Antonio Negri (Italian philosopher)

30. Eduardo Galeano (Uruguayan writer)

31. Paul Krugman (USA, economist)

32. Martín Caparrós (Argentine writer and journalist)

33. Charles Taylor (USA, philosopher)

34. Héctor Abad Facciolince (Colombian writer)

35. Esther Dufflo (French-American economist)

35. Michelle Obama (American political figure)

36. Rigoberta Menchú (Guatemalan Nobel Peace Prize)

37. Anne Marie Slaughter (USA, International relations theory)

38. Mempo Giardinelli (Argentine environmentalist and writer)

39. Alexei Navalny (Russian activist, dissident) 

40. Edwidge Danticat (Haitian-American writer)

41. Revgenia Chirikova (Russian environmentalist)

42. Zoé Valdés (Cuban writer)

43. Stacy Abrams (political organizer and inluencer, Georgia, USA)

44. Roger Bartra (Mexican political philosopher)

45. Michael Sandel (USA, political philosopher)

46. Yoanni Sánchez (Cuban blogger and activist))

47. Wolé Soyinka (Nigerian Nobel Laureate writer)

48. Adela Navarro Bello (Mexican journalist)

49. Salman Rushdie (British writer)

50. Gilberto Gil (Brazilian activist and performing artist)

47. Jurgen Habermas (German philosopher)

48. Maritza Montero (Venezuelan community organizer)

49. Jacques Rancière (France, political philosopher)

50. Bruce Bochy (Baseball manager) 

51. Rae Helen Langton (USA, political philosopher)

52. Ariel Dorman (Chilean writer and public intellectual)

53. Etienne Balibar (French philosopher)

54. Juan Gabriel Vásquez (Colombian writer). 

55. Richard Dawkins (USA, social theorist)

56. Francesca Gargallo (Mexican writer)

57. Fernando Vallejo (Colombian writer)

58. Juan Manuel Santos (Colombian President, Nobel Peace Prize)

59. Michael Walzer (USA, political philosopher)

60. Darío Jaramillo (Colombian writer and cultural agent) 

61. Amanda Gorman (USA, poet Laureate)

62. Carlos Orlando Pardo (Colombian writer and cultural agent)

63. Douglas Rae (USA, political scientist) 

64. Tongo Eisen-Martin (USA, poet Laureate, San Francisco)

(On bubble: Steve Kerr (USA, NBA coach of Golden State Warriors). 

66. Joxe Azurmendi (Basque philosopher)

67.. Harvey Mansfield (USA, political philosopher))

[To be updated March 2022; On the Bubble: Carlos Orlando Pardo (Colombia),  Diogo Mainardi (Brazil), Tony Atkinson (Great Britain); Raj Chettry (USA);  Homero Aridjis (Mexico), Camille Landais (French writer); Peter Diamond (USA, economist); Edmundo Paz Soldán(Bolivia); José Mújica (Uruguay); Emmanuel Saez (USA); Chinua Achebe (Nigeria); Carolina Sanin (Colombia);); Bernard-Henri Lévy (French public intellectual); André Glucksman (French public intellectual)]; . Doris Sommer (USA, literary critic and public intellectual); Wendell Berry (USA, writer); Shirin Ebadi (Iran, Nobel Peace Prize); Liu Xiobo; (Chinese Nobel Peace Prize and writer); Giacomo Marramao 

(Italian political philosopher);61. Thomas Nagel (USA, philosopher).