Winter Training

My first cycling mentor was a madman living Boulder, Colorado who was so wed to his bike that my only image of him is that of a blond male athlete on a bicycle. It is impossible for me to imagine him not on a bicycle. Other than that image, I am short on details: I do not even remember his name. In 1995 there were only two organized double century events, and he had done both of them. That in itself made him a cyclist of great interest to me. His best piece of advice was based on his affimation that there are basically two kinds of superior athletes: the ones born with truly excellent athletic genes and those that lift weights in the winter off season. (Since then, I have been a regular member of a fitness club.

Stats upadate:

Mileage on Bikes, stationary and mobile: 174

mileage on public trans: 0

Mileage on four wheels: 71.

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