Who are the Trumpists?

I have been doing 5-7 posts daily on Tik Tok about a wide variety of mostly political subjects, such as the presidential candidates, the elections, Black Lives Matter,and Covid 19. I have 3,500 followers and occasionally (about every 10 days) post something that goes little viral, with 50k-70 views, a few thousand likes. They are interested in one topic: Donald Trump They ignore most of my posts, unless I say something about Trump's inefficiency, stupidy, or the like, Then, they respond in the strongest of terms. Republicans (as opposed to specifically Trumpies) tend to be conversant in 5-6 topics. To the extent that there is a Republican Party, I cite Stephen Schmidt: "a party that uses white resentment and racism to attain tax brings for the rich. I agree. Republicans have no other agenda, real policy interest, or ideology. On another front, posted my top 64 College basketball teams as a part of upcomiong March Madness.

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My top 64 college basketball selections are beginning to appear on this website. Right now, I am listing my top 16. Odds are in favor of either Michigan or Ohio State to win the national championship

Political analysists and players on left, right and middle are observing the death of the Republican Party after the Senate failed to convict Trump as part of the Impeachment process in February, 2021

We began work on this website a year ago (March 2018) giving you Michigan State as a Final Four team when it was an 11seed. Since then, we stand behind all our top 64 choices. The Final Four has been