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We were impressed with how successfully Saban and the University of Alabama manipulated the mainline media into believing that it was actually important news which of their highly talented quarterbacks would start for their NFL team playing against college kids. Was it really all that important? In the big picture of things, was this matter of more importance than several other of the college football games, such as U of Washington vs Auburn? We were thinking Saban was really smart until the post-game interview when we saw him melt down in the post-game interview on the subject with ESPN's Maria Taylor. Suddenly, the national television audience was watching a simplistic, kind of stupid-looking cavalier white male putting down a black woman over trivia. After all, if Saban and his social media staff at the U of A promoted this story, how can he blame Maria Taylor for pursuing it? A far more provocative story, which has drawn mainline media as second tier, page two story, is Nike's deal with Kaepernick. We note that the NFL has officially approved the social work of NFL players although we also note that the NFL endorsement has been articulated not from the authority of the Commissioner's voice, but a minor representative of NFL information. Where is the Commissioner on this?

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