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USC vs. UCLA; Mileage Update

The USC family continues to scandalize: former USC football star Mike Garrett loses lawsuit over sexual harassment as ex-Athletic Director at Cal State-LA.

UCLA gets more space in print media over the firing of basketball coach, hiring of Gene Bartow's son Murray in the interim role and, more interestingly, the talk about top candidates for the permanent job. We like Barack Obama, even though it is hard to understand (if you live outside SoCal) what Obama's motive might be to take such a huge step down in his career path. We do think that Obama (along with his Associate Head Coach Craig Robinson to do the actual teaching of basketball skills) would be bigtime winners. We fully endorse the Obama team to bring back the glory days of UCLA basketball. As lifetime admirers of the Wooden tradition of basketball (we know the practice of full-court 3-2 zone press exported from UCLA to our high school) we cherish the opportunity to observe just how long it would take UCLA alumni to turn on even Team Obama.

Upcoming podcast: "Cycling-Spinning-Training 105" on the history and practice of Spinning. (You can find this podcast with the SoundCloud app.)

Challenging day today on the Indoor Cycling circuit, teaching one class at 5:45 a.m. and a second one at 8:30 a.m. after a double header yesterday.

The stats:

Total 2019 miles on mobile and stationary bikes: 152 (6, 848 remaining in 2019)

Total miles on public trans: 0

Total miles on bikes and public trans: 152.

total miles on 4 wheels: 71.

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