Urban Meyers Fails Again

As ESPN and "USA Today" have pointed out, the biggest failure in the Urban Meyers review process came at the press conference when the President's decision came down: it was Urban Meyers leadership failure. Given the opportunity to apologize to the abuse victim, Meyer failed to man up, exhibiting a cavalier attitude and unwillingness to apologize A few years ago, a University of Colorado football coach lost his job immediately after a similar performance related to an abuse victim who was raped while on the roster of the men's football team. Let's hope the OSU President acts as swiftly. As a powerful and prestigious research university, OSU has far more to lose in reputation than it has to gain in football games won with Meyers on the sideline. Protecting his assistant coach Smith is only a drop in the bucket if one reviews the coach's career-long willingness to protect shady characters that have no business being associated with such prestigious academic institutions as OSU and the U of Florida.

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