Urban Meyer Still Under Review

The Ohio State University leadership has failed to come to grips with the depths of the offenses committed by their football coach Urban Meyer, but both the mainline press and specialized groups continue questioning the outcome of the reviews process. Sports writer David Wharton, writing for the "LA Times," published a lengthy piece in which is observes that "there is something profoundly troubling" about how everything that happened at Ohio State. David Ridpath, of the college sports watchdog group The Drake Group, states that institutions such as OSU are "still afraid to address the issues". As a website (and blog) set up to offer an academic's perspective on "almost everything importgant" (but particularly sports and literature), we are observing this systematic rejection of Ohio States solution by the press and the experts in the area of the sociology of sports. Part of what is going on is that different entities have jurisdiction over different pieces of the Urban Meyer regime, The Preisdent of OSU could look at the big picture of what Urban Meyer has supported over the years and be aware that Meyer does not meet Big Ten standards, but the OSU leader, in the and, is beholden to the Board of Regentswho obviously favor keeping Meyer on board. The message to OSU students and faculty is horrendous. The violence against women and minorities at OSU will not stop or be minimized because the leadership at OSU has no consistent stand in this area. [Raymond L. Williams }. Would a national boycott against sponsors of OSU help? Perhaps.

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