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Urban Meyer and LA Times

The LA Time's journalist David Wharton has stuck with the Urban Meyer scandal at The Ohio State University, reviewing how college football does not have a good record on sexual abuse and domestic vio;lence. Meyer's denial, Wharton aptly points out, sounds a lot like the Penn State scandal. Here is the story on the Big Ten: superb research machines, but strikingly similar treating of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and rampant alcohol abuse. Very similar stories at Penn State, Michigan State and Ohio State: the problems--particularly at such distinguished centers of research and teaching--are very deep and the solutions tend to be simplistic: first ignore these pervasive probelms, then deny there is any problem at all, then declare piously the need to change the culture. In the face of this now standard Big Ten scenario, our kudos to the LA Times, David Wharton and, once again, Paul Finebaum, who has followed his initial critique with his recent expression of his outrage over the rally in support of Urban Meyer. In the face of this now standard Big Ten scenario, we are also noting the silence from the offices of the chancellor at OSU and of the leadership of the Big Ten. Here is a piece of the picture to keep in mind as this story unfolds: Urban Meyer is neither innocent nor stupid: he supported his Assistant Coach Zach Smith at OSU because Smith knows too much of the real story from the University of Florida years the two shared together. [Raymond L. Williams]

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