The Vibe

The talk in LA is that Hispanics feel at home in the new setting of the Los Angeles Football Club and feel that the Carson setting of the LA Galaxy has too much of an anglo feel. In my experience (obviously written as an Anglo-American and one who has been at soccer/football games at both of these LA soccer venues), this is not only true, but it is a worse story for the Galaxy: the LA football club has the vibe and the Galaxy do not. In early August, the Estadio Caliente in Tijuana has the vibe; the San Diego Padres and Anaheim Angels do not. With the arrival of Chip Kelley the Bruins have the vibe and Ohio State does not. The missing piece of the Urban Meyer story: check out his decision to take a sudden retirement at the University of Florida. And kudos to Colin Cowherd.: check out his statement on the Urban Meyer scandal.

This is the blog of Professor Raymond L. Williams, Distinguished Emeritus Professor and author of 16 books.

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