The Bottom 64

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Today, at he very bottom of our bottom 64 at the Tour de France is one of its most admirable riders in the entire race, Lawson Craddock, injured in a severe crash in Stage 1 and somehow avoiding elimination daily, currently #146 of 146 surviving riders. In his role at the bottom of the bottom, he has done an impressive job of fundraising for a good cause in his hometown of Houston, Texas. Arnaud Demare, finishing behind Craddock and dead last on the last two stages, just won Stage 18 today. Indeed, the line between the top of the top 64 and the bottom of the bottom 64 can be a thin one. Both print and social media--simplistically focused as they are on the top 10-- typically operate unaware of the nuances of the lower end of the top 64 and the top end of the bottom 64, among other nuances they miss. Our most sophisticated readers know our rankings have included the Bottom 64 since we began in March 2018 with the Top and Bottom 64 college basketball teams. Our most superficial viewers (including one recent emailer complaining the bottom 64 is not as "fun" as the top 64) miss this point. Indeed, in some cases, the Bottom 64 might not be "fun": Lawson Craddock's dramatic story might not be "fun"; the academic ranking of institutions such as the Univ of Alabama might not be "fun" nor is the current standing of repeatedly abusive NFL footballer Jamis Winston in any way "fun". Of course, we do find ways to have some fun with this website, as our 135,000 viewers can attest. Our primary interest, however, is not "fun" as much as the best and the worst of almost everything important. Raymond L. Williams

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