Quick Takes: Almost Everything Important

Here our our quick takes on almost everything important over the week-end (other than politics, which we watch, but do not cover directly on this website).

Important Item No. 1:

Old Dominion upset of Virginia Tech: this is one of the best things to happen in college sports in recent months. We need more elite private white schools with strong academic programs building up athletic programs--for the sake of diversity and good of the social fabric of the nation. The leadership of these strong academic institutions can play a major role in cleaning up corruption in sports and the poor values currently supported by many otherwise perfectly legitimate universities (yes, we are speaking of Ohio State, Michigan State and Penn State).

Important item No. 2:

The Stanford win over Oregon seemed like an upset after Oregon totally dominated physically in the first half. We enjoyed the flashes of the old Chip Kelly Oregon squad as much as we enjoy seeing complex patters unfold in some of the novels we like to read. However, any school that can place before us a star running back on their squad with his own active research lab deserves to win. Yes, our our hope for college sports lies more in Old Dominion and Stanford than it does in the likes of Alabama and Central Florida, who have yet to ever accomplish anything as research universities. Remember when athletes used to be regularly declared "academically ineligible" to participate in Div I sports? Those days are over, but we are declaring a lot of universities academically ineligible to figure in our rankings. See our academic rankings of colleges and universities, then our football rankings.

Important Item No. 3:

On the death of Fall Baseball. Fall major league baseball is a bore. Bad major league teams fielding a lineup of AAA players challenging the contenders? At these point, all the teams not in contention should be offering entrance free of admission in the outfield and upper deck. Pro and college football sports are so more of a natural draw in September and October. We would all benefit from MLB playoffs, NBA style, in late August. In 1910, With no NFL, no NBA, and no real national competition in college sports, the current setup in baseball made sense.

Important Item No. 4:.

On USC vs UCLA. At least Penn State and Michigan State called for a "change in culture" when they were faced with shocking scandals. USC, however, no matter how bad the scandal or corruption and no matter how disappointing their sports teams, never calls for a "change in culture". They just march along behind the same Trojan mounted on the horse, on both the academic and athletic front, year after year. After Coach Helton's losses undermine his welcome by USC brass, the mastermind behind some of the most scandalous events in college sports, Pete Carroll, is already scheduled for his return.

On the UCLA front, we are confident that UCLA alums will exercise maximum patience and give Chip Kelly the time they gave Johnny Wooden to produce a national powerhouse, Meanwhile, UCLA alums can bask in the glory of their record number of national championships in all sports as well as their long list of Nobel Laureates and the recent Lasker award given to one of their scientists on the faculty. Meanwhile, other than the Rams and the Los Angeles Football club (soccer), the football sports are so dismal in SoCal that we recommend checking out the most exciting gridiron tackle being played in the region by the likes of JSerra, Mater Dei, Orange Lutheran, and Norco. Nice settings, dramatic games, high skill set. Many of these kids will be starting for USC and UCLA as eary as next year, even though we hope a few head out to Old Dominion, Stanford, Berkeley and Ann Arbor. We know these budding stars at JSerra and Servite are social media savvy enough to avoid the likes of OSU, MSU and Penn State, where the "change of culture" sounds good, but where we do not see much real change at all. Both OSU and the Big Ten were just as cavalier as was Urban Meyer on the issue of domestic violence.

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