New Seasons (1)

As College Football and Barca (FC Barcelona)start new seasons today (with a newly refurbished pitch in Camp Nous in Barcelona ), here are some our new season updates: FIRST, OUR PODCASTS on Big Books (including some sports books) continues to grow, and we are going to be posting soon our two podcasts on the classic book "Blue Highways" (for complete list of podcasts, see our link titled "64X64", which refers to 64 podcasts on books in 64 days); SECOND, we invite you to see our rankings of the bottom 64 College Football teams (for now, we like this one more than all the conflicting mainline media stories about the supposed top 25 college football teams, and while you are in the website, you might find it informing to see our top, middle and bottom 64 research universities), THIRD, we note that we have updated our ranking of the top 64 sports franchises worldwide, all sports, FOURTH, offer this brief update to our "Friday Night Lights" ongoing blogs: after trailing 42-14 at the half last night, the Servite High School Football Team (of the gridiron sort) made a spectacular come back against Norco High for win. Unlike Norco, which feels like Friday Night Lights Texas, 1950s style, the Servite home games are played in the most urbane of the urban, 1990s style , inside and outside the stadium, at Cerritos Commuity College. We must say, we are impressed with the civilized behavior of student fans at both Norco and Servite schools-- much better than at some of the soccer games we have witnessed, and FIFTH HT SOCCER/FOOTBALL teams, both LA Football Club and Xolos from Tijuana played well to earn draws against their respective opponents (but the fan behavior was a little below what we are seing among the 16-18 year-old crowd at the high school tackle footbal gridiron games).

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