Musings for a New Year

Urban Meyer is done a few months too late, but passed the torch to an insider so he can collect his salary for the remainder of his contract as a faux administrator in the Athletic Department. Sweet way to dodge another bullet for a coach who dodges bullets as well as any of those legendary Heismann runners from OSU dodge tacklers from Michigan. That stated, just a heads-up: Meyer is not done coaching unless someone pays him as much to be Director of Athletics.

New Year's Resolutions: The LA Times reports that 30% of our New Year's Resolutions have to do, of course, with health, exercise, weight. I tend to ride my bike more miles during those years I don't actually make a resolution. However, since I might have some readers among my (mostly fit) current students of indoor cycling classes at LA Fitness or my (mostly out-of-shape) former grad students), here is my two-part Resolution for 2019: 1) For the year, minimum of 7,000 miles (11,265 kilometers) on bicycles (stationary and mobile--road, mountain and cyclo-cross); and 2) Do more total miles in 2019 on two wheels combined with public transportation than in four-wheeled gas-driven vehicles (counting half miles when travelling in hybrid four-wheel vehicle (i.e. my Prius) and half when two or more humans in fully gas-driven vehicle (i.e. my Toyota van). All in all, these resolutions have more to do with health, environment and physical fitness than the personal aesthetics (i.e. weight, physical appearance, etc). The specificity of these resolutions has to do with past experience with resolutions related to cycling and environment.

Jan 2 Figures: 42 miles completed in 2019 on two wheels, 6,958 miles remaining.

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