Hot in August

Two truisms of living through August: places such as Palm Springs, California are unbearably hot and news in the sporting world is not. Here is what we have for Monday, August 6: the Boston Red Sockets make adamant statement by sweeping New York Yankees over week-end [this is the best baseball possible in any August] Unfortunately for Urban Meyer, in this dead world of the August vacuum, the media have little else to do but follow his story. Fortunately for Urban Meyer, the Ohio State University has selected an investigative committee highly likely (we would say 90% likely) to exonerate Meyer. A chairperson of this committee from the SEC? This requires a great stretch of the imagination.

In the news vacuum, the NBA brings us, via Vegas, the news that Lebron is worth 19.5 wins in upcoming season at Lakers; the NFL tries to engage in their training camps and the news that TO might play for the Canadian League at age 44. This TO thing is bizarre, but less bizarre than this investigative committee at OSU being headed by a person professionalized in the SEC.

August: the best month to check out our rankings of writers, novels, world sport teams. [Raymond L. Williams].

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