Friday Night Lights: Old/New

The diversity of how the Friday NIght LIghts story unfolds each in California can be stunning. Stunning, for example, the power and finesse of Mater Dei last Friday night in Santa Ana Stadium, where USC's minor league club demolished a much less talented club from upstate in Stockton. All very straight forward and mostly white. The scene in almost-filled Santa Ana Stadium was classic and traditional, reminiscent of a Texas Friday Night Lights high school game. Perhaps wierdly white for a game played in Santa Ana. A few miles down the freeway, in Aliso Niguel, the 21st century racial and political tensions were on display when Santa Ana Highs School( 99% Hispanic) played 56% white

Aliso Nigjuel, and some students at the latter displayed signs saying "We Love White" and "Build the Wall". Fortunately, the principals of the two schools handled the situation with great wisdom, the signs were removed for the second half of the game, and calm prevailed (rather than the potential ethnic/political conflict). Kudos to both principals, but we note in particular the follow-up by Santa Ana Principal Jeff Bishop, who wrote in Facebook afterward that this type of political discourse at public events is unacceptable. As we are processing Friday NIght Lights in its different California variations, overall, we are favorably impressed, after three weeks, with how well high school students at these games are self-disciplined, courteous and respectful. (So far, the kids at Servite have impressed us the most; send them to DC for educate our politicians in civil behavior..) And we nominate Principal Jeff Bishop for governor.

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