Fox Discovers Oktoberfest

Happily watching one of the smartest and most entertaining sportscasters available on television today, I was suddenly ensconced directly into the world of Oktoberfest as Fox Sports has chosen to project this widely known German celebration. Since I have grown up in the Industrial West (the.U.S. in my case), I do actually known what Oktobergest is. I am sure almost everyone over the age of roughly 16 who has grown up somewhere in the Industrial West also knows about Oktoberfest. Most residents of China with a cell phone also know. We do not need Fox Sports to project fake images of fake Germans dressed in lederhosen to understand Oktoberfest. Given a choice, I would have much preferred to listen to the brilliant Colin Cowerd, who was scheduled to talk another hour. O.K., since I am into acceptance and similar Zen practices, I patiently watched an our of trivia on Oktoberfest so I would not miss the opportunity to see the starting lineup right now on Bayern Munchen, the team scheduled to play on Fox against Augsburg. I did not see the starting lineups because Fox continued with their Ocktoberfest trivia until the game started, and then never told us who was on the field. With well over 300 teams and over 1000 players currently playing internationally, viewers deserve that little reminder of exactly who is out there, we need that little diagram with the players on the field. We understand that FOX is attempting to create their version of ESPN College Gameday with shows such as this fake Oktoberfest. Give us the real thing (as Gameday does) and tell us why this supposedly festive Munich was not actually festive at all: the fans were sitting in the stadium in silence protesting something FOX never fully explained. The Professor's grade for FOX Sports on September 25, 2018: F.

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