Dark Clouds in Ohio and Maryland; Overheated Alabama

Clouds and rain welcomed the football teams back onto the gridiron for 2018 at Ohio State and Maryland. Among the remaining dark clouds after their opening games, the former chairman of the OSU Board of Regents has resigned over the President's decision to retain Urban Meyer as head coach. We applaud this principled member of the Board of Regents. We are looking forward to hearing from Chancellor Loh at Maryland that he is as principled as this Ohio leader. After Saturday's game in Tuscaloosa, Nick Saban was unnecessarily aggressive with the female ESPN announcer assigned to interview him, exhibiting the kind of cavalier attitude that Urban Meyer projects. This is is the second time in recent years I have seen Saban exhibit gratuitous aggression with a female sports journalist. Two constants about college football: the games are often zany and fun; the leadership is lamentable. The sooner college football tv screens are devoid of the likes of Meyer and Saban, the better off college sports will be. They are an embarrassment to institutions called universities.

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