Bye-Bye Brazil

Brazil was lacking in their usual intensity and speed in today's loss to Belgium in the quarterfinals of the World Cup. From here forward, the World Cup is the European Cup--no more Latin, Asian or African teams remain. 

Another competitive game of interest was Giants vs Cardinals in major league baseball.  Dereck Rodriguez pitched very well for Giants, even though he did not pick up an official win. The team is 5-0 when he starts, even though he has not been the official pitcher of record to win all five wins. (The son of former Texas Ranger catcher Ivan Rodriguez, the young pitcher's full name is Ivan Dereck Rodriguez; he sports the Tim Lincecum long-hair look in San Francisco). He has seven starts, and can vary his pitches in different ways as the game progresses, eventually making the kill with his four-seam fastball as his bread-n-butter pitch. #thetop.64 #brasil #soocer #worldcup

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