Bottom 64 of the Tour de France

The admirable endurance masters of the Tour de France will log more hours on the saddle than the most accomplished of top 64 by riding at the rear of the pack for many of the 21 stages. Near the top of our list for potential Endurance Champion of the Tour de France is Lawson Craddock, who finished #170 of 170 riders in stage 5 and #168 today in Stage 6, with an overall standing in the race of #170. After suffering multiple injuries early in the race, Craddock leads our pack of the Bottom 64 riders determined to complete this race.  We are following Craddock and his 64 with the same fervor that Phil Ligget and Sherwin are following the top 20. (Remember: Craddock is an elite professionial athlete who could handily beat anyone in your bike club after he retires.)  For updates on Craddock-to-Sagan, see our cycling section of this website, which today, we are pleased to announce, reached 125,000 views in the four months since we started provided some small insights into the top 64 college basketball teams during March Madness. In the Lawson spirit, Bettis of the Red Sox fouled off 13 pitches before his grand-slam home run tonight. Final note: we have started our weekly podcasts on almost everything important, including what we have learned hanging out with endurance cyclists and writers over the years.

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