Books in Print by Raymond L. Williams. (books I wrote on paper and published in print, some in English and others in Spanish). These are academic books.  Williams has also engaged a wider public with activities such as book reviews in newspapers (Philadelphia Inquirer), and on spoken on NPR about Carlos Fuentes and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  

La novela colombiana contemporanea, 1976.(A pre-dissertation project written in Bogota, Colombia, altitude 8,861 ft, when residing there with a Fulbright Dissertation grant. This book was read by 20,000-30,000 high school and college teachers in Colombia in the late 1970s and 1980s.  

Una decada de la novela colombiana: la experiencia de los setenta, 1981. (A post-dissertation re-writing of my doctoral disseration, alternating between sea-level Chicago and 8,861 Bogota.   Introduced a mostly new generation of Colombian novelists to readers in Colombia.. 

Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1984).  I started writing this book just before the Nobel Laureate won the prize, which was good timing,and had it published soon after the Colombian won the prize.  It is an introduction to the writer. A journalist for the LA Times once told me it is the only book on this writer that he could actually understand.  (Written alternating between altitudes of 866 feet of Washington University of St. Louis and 8,861 in Bogota.) 

Mario Vargas Llosa (1986).  Written and published several decades before the Nobel Prize for this writer, this book was the first of three on this Peruvian writer.   


The Colombian Novel, 1844-1987.  (1991). Still available at the University of Texas Press;  published in Spanish under the title Novela y poder en Colombia, still the most complete history of the novel in Colombia.  

The Writings of Carlos Fuentes (1996).  Still available at University of Texas Press; published in Spanish at Fondo de Cultura in Mexico. 

The Postmodern Novel in Latin America (1997). Has been available in paperback at St Martins for quite a while. 

Vargas Llosa: historia de un deicidio. (2001).. I used Vargas Llosa's approach to reading ion rereading his ovels.  The boiok circulated for years in Mexico and Spain; basically not available today (except for high price on eBay). 

La narrativa posmoderna en Mexico (2002). Blanca Rodriguez was in charge of editing and some of the writing, so appears as co-author.  The model for this book was my book The Postmodern novel in Latin America, but now referring onlyh to Mexico.

The Twentieth Century Spanish American Novel (2003), was given award by librarians in their journal as one of top academic books of the year. The reviews of this book and the two on Garcia Marquez have drawn some attention (positive and negative) for being highly readable for non-specialists.  This quality tends to be a positive among journalists, and negative among academics. 


Columbia Guide to the Modern Latin American Novel since 1945 (2007).  I  learned to read Portuguese better, plus enough Dutch and Haitian Creole to write about novels written in these languages, as well as Spanish, French and English.  Thus, my Latin American includes Brazil and all the Caribbean. 


A Companion to Gabriel Garcia Marquez (2010).  A final reflection on the Colombian writer who had finished his work by the time I wrote this.  An epilogue includes tidbits from conversations with the writer over the years.

Mario Vargas Llosa: A Life in Writing (2015).  By the time I wrote this, Vargas Llosa seemed to have written his major work, In an epilogue, I offer perspectives based on conversations with the writer over the years. 

Noventa anos de la novela en Colombia: La novela moderna en Colombia (1927-2017). Not exactly final reflections on the modern novel in Colombia, but very directed toward what was modern.

[continued for total of sixteen academic books; my non-academic and sports writing is mostly unpublished, but soon to be available in print and online. Print article on cycling in book volume. ]