The Top 64 Gymnasts in World 

We started the groundwork on this ranking in a superb setting: the Pacific Rim Gymnastics tournament in Medellín, Colombia, in April 2018. The concept of Pacific Rim nations fits the vision of this website perfectly, so we will begin with our top 64 by sharing initial findings in Medellín. We promise to create a nice Pacific Rim top 64 soon and by March, 2019 produce a slightly different-looking top 64 in the World using, of course, a more complete set of criteria than the official world rankings. In gymnastics, as in rugby and ice hockey, we note the seriousness of purpose of the New Zealanders, Australians and Canadians. (Full disclosure: we have no personal or professional connections with New Zealand, Australia, or Canada). 

Pacific Rim Gymnastics: Medellín April 2018 (Women)

1. Grace McCallum (USA, Overall)

2. Morgan Hurd (USA, Overall)

3. Martina Dominici (Argentina, Overall)

4. Haley DeJong (Canada, Overall)

5. Jimena Moreno (Mexico, Overall)

6. Talia Folino (Mexico, Overall)

7. Sophine Marois (Canada, Overall)

8. Ayelin Tarbini (Argentina, Overall)

9. Victoria Kayer Woo (Canada, Overall)

10. Charlotte Ryan (New Zealand, Overall)

11. Simona Castro 

12. Paulina Campos (Mexico, Overall)

13. Nicolle Castro 

14. Isabella Brett (New Zealand, Overall)

15. Heika Salas

Pacific Rim Gymnastics: Medellín Aprll 2018 (Men)

1. Sam Mikulak (USA, Overall)

2. Akash Modi (USA, Overall)

3. Carlos Calvo (Colombia, Overall)

4. Israel Chirihoga Guerrero (Ecuador, Overall)

5. Joel Alvarez (Chile,Overall)

6. Andrés Martínez (Colombia, Overall)

7. Erick Vargas (Colombia, Overall)

8. Chris Kaji (Canada, Overall)

9. Daniel Agero ((Peru, Overall)

10. Jack Riek (Australia, Overall)

11. Josué Juárez (México, Overall)

12. Ko-Chiang Huang (Tapei, Overall)

13. Ignacio Varas (Chile, Overall) 

14. Joel Gagnon (Canada, Overall)

15. Ignacio Pizarro