Top 64 Bike Places, Cycling Log & the Bottom 64 Bike Places

Raymond L. Williams' CYCLING LOG and Carbon Footprint on April 18, 2019 since Jan 1, 2019:

Cycling miles: 3,451 (3549, remaining for goal of 7000; currently on mark for 10,000-12,000 miles this year. )

Miles cycling plus public trans miles:: 7.598

Car miles: 2,135

Total Spinning classes taught since Jan 1: 168


This was one of our most labor-intensive lists to construct: twenty-five years of riding events and occasionally racing while talking with riders about other rides and races.  In the end, after two decades, there are so many stories that one feels as if one has done all 64 of these rides and races even if that is not exactly the case. For the most part, these are amateur events, but somehow quite a few professional athletes are to be found at the front, usually professional cyclists. We have also seen retired athletes from the NBA, NFL, and Tour de France participate, usually incognito.These rides might require as much wisdom as cardio-fitness—or more. For the century rides we recommend six months of training with a trainer or bike club; for the longer events we recommend more than a trainer--a guru--for longer than six months. We won’t say how much longer for the latter-your trainer/guru will let you know. As for the bike shops, we generally leave commercial enterprises to Yelp Review people, but these rankings transcend the commercial: we are ranking them less as businesses than as places cyclists should inhabit.

1, Event:  Paris-Brest-Paris (Road bike Randonee, 1,200 kilometres, France, 90 hour time limit) This is the original foundational randonée of 1,200 kilometres on a road bike, and it is the gold standard for the rest of such 1,200 kilometres bicycle rides you will find in this list. It was founded as a professional road race in the 1890s. (Precedent to Tour de France.) With huge support by locals, this is constant zen-bliss, even when it rains, which happens. The official ride takes place very four years and since there are thousands of participants, riders depart in pre-assigned waves; entrance by qualifying. This is a event masquerades as a “ ride,” as most of these 64 rides turn out to be it is a race in which a small number of gifted athletes sprint from beginning to end. For most of us, however, It is a 90 hour jog with very little sleep. To qualify as an official participant, see Anywhere along the mythical route is a superb place to be on a bike.


2. Bike Shop:  Pave (Barcelona). Cafe and art gallery part of bike shop setting. Bike shop #1 in world. 


3. Event (or ride).Tour de Tucson. (Road bike, 112 miles, Tucson, Arizona, USA, non-stop, 5 to 8 hours) A road bike recreational ride. Well organized, super supported, scenic, fast and fun.)  By the time it is over, you will feel like a rock star, even if you did not train that much and needed more than 8 hours to finish. A hugely popular event with thousands of riders each year (as in PBP, departing in waves) This is not officially a race, but there are course records demonstrating elite athletes can clean it in under 5 hours. Whether you train to set a course record or just don’t think that soccer mom in tennis shoes in front of you does not deserve that privileged spot directly in front of you, you are probably going to discover you are actually in a race.  Most recreational club riders complete this in 6-7 hours; over 8 would be below the Mendoza Line. Festive in Tucson at the end.

4. Bike Shop: Rapha Cycle Club (London). Lots of points on coolness.(Bike shop No. 2 in World)


5. Event: STP  (From Seattle through Tacoma and to Portland, one-two days, 210 miles or so). The ride leaves many options as far as how long you want to ride, how many times you stop for espresso; thus,  can be done in one day or two (or three or four on your own). It can rain.

6Bike Shop: Don's Bicycles (Redlands, California). Expertise and professionalismThe original Don's, of similar quality, is located in Rialto, California.(Bike shop No. 3 in World).  


7. Pan-Mass Ride. (In Massachusetts, USA )This claims to be the original and oldest bikethon ride, and probably is. We prefer to recommend rides such as this with some track record with organizers who know better than to offer only doughnuts and Gatorade at the rest stops. (We know of cycling events with little more.)  These people have been in the business for a while.

8. SPIN: SmartFit (Medellin, Colombia). Remember: Colombia sends cyclists regularly to Tour de France (they know cycling)

9. Bike Shop: TokyoBike (Tokio, Japan)  (Bike shop #4 in World.) Both cool and efficient.


10. Boston-Montreal-Boston (Road bike Randonée.1,200 kilometres, USA/Canada, 90 hours).  Modeled after Paris-Brest-Paris, it was generally considered slightly more demanding than the one in France. No longer in existence as an organized event, you would have to do it on your own.  Rondonneurs do it self-supported anyway.  Almost the only thing we remember about the route (other than its natural beauty) was going toward Canada through Middlebury at night, and coming back through town at night. We finished in 2001 after many Zen moments, and feeling deeply connected to our Paleolithic past.

11. Bike Shop: Deno Cycle Works (Milan, Italy). These guys know bikes(Bike shop No. 5 in world). 


12. SPIN: "Honest Training" (Portland, OR; without bells and whistles, good bike training and some fun rides)


13. Bike Shop: Pedal Revolution, non-profit (San Francisco, CA). A highly progressive way to do bike repair. (Bike shop #6 in World)

14. Ride (today, was race): Furnace Creek 508 (508-mile road bike race, California, USA, 72 hours maximum).  With a mix of amateurs, semi-pros and professional ultra-distance racers from all over the globe, this is not a recreational bicycle ride.  It starts north of Los Angeles in xxx , traverses several deserts (including the Death Valley), and finishes in 29 Palms, California.  In this race’s existence over several decades, the exact location has gone through three mutations, most recently in Nevada. Done independently of the race, this would require a support van, two-three crew members, for 1-4 riders. It helps if you can develop a zen-like connection with the Southern California desert. There is no Mendoza line for this race: if you finish in under the maximum of 48 hours, you are a well-trained and disciplined athlete (and probably a gifted athlete if you sprinted the whole thing) who will receive a much-cherished finisher’s medal.  Under new format and in a new place, this is the Silver State 500. To do this race (either riding the old route or racing the new one in Nevada), you need to get past the idea of it being a problem feeling physicallhy uncomfortable.


15. Bike Shop: Red Lantern Bicycles (New York, NY) (Bike shop #7 in world). These guys are real pros.


16. Event:  Hotter’N-Hell Century. (Road bike, Wichita Falls, Texas, USA)   This ride is infamous inside and outside of Texas, has a long history and can draw well over 10,000. There are multi-day options; see their website. Why do people do this and some of these other mildly torturous events on this list?  Basically, for the same reasons others read every page of Moby Dick and Infinite Jest, or spend fifteen years learning to read Classical Greek with fluency. We like all four (the two novels, the language, the bike riding in Wichita Falls) despite a little discomfort from time to time. Learning to deal with a little discomfort is is an important portion what some people call discipline.

17. Bike Shops: Helen's Bicycles  (Los Angeles, CA) Lots of the coolest (Bike shop #8  in world). These dudes have everything and know quality.


18. SPIN: Wheel House (San Francisco, CA)

19. Ride the Vineyard. This ride is at Martha’s Vineyard.  Similarly pleasant excursions on two wheels to be found in Sonoma Valley in California, as well as in the State of Washington. (We are not recommending the two wine country cycling events in SoCal in which the participants actually stop and drink wine along the way…we do note that Europeans train to drink an occasional beer on their endurance events, but we do not recommend these riding events with wine without considerable previous training and experience.)

20. Event: Bike Shop: Velocult (Portland, Oregon) (Bike shop #9 in world). Cool shop in cool cycling town.  What more do you need?


21. Event: London-Glasgow-London (Randonée, 1,400 kilometres, every four years; next time is 2021). Wouldn’t you know that the British would kindly host a randonnée longer than the standard 1,200 kilometres?  This has been near the top of our bucket list since we hear about it years ago.  Sounds inviting to stop for tea along the way, but know the elegant veneer vanishes after about 15 hours on the bike, and your lower right leg has so much chain oil on it that people are complimenting you for the cool tattoo. You no longer care at all about tea and crumpets—you want quick cheap carbs and sugar, and now.

22.Bike Shop:  Landry's (Boston, MA) (Bike shop #10 in world)


23. Race: Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race (100 miles on dirt at 10,000-13,000 ft altitude in Leadville, Colorado, with 14,000 vertical feet of climbing.  USA).  This started out as one the original mountain bike endurance challenges for week-end warriors before it became a little fashionable to be more extreme. Most of us with professions other than riding bikes had to train for a year or two do accomplish the goal of obtaining the celebrated Silver Buckle as a symbol of riding 100 miles in mountains in less than 12 hours.  Not considered “technical” for professional cyclists, but a little dangerous for almost everyone else. Plenty of doctors and ambulances on the course.  In recent years, professional endurance athletes with mountain biking skills (Lance Armstrong was not the first former Tour de France racer to show up) have been going there to set new course records. Now the model for numerous other races of similar length on dirt, this is the mecca of endurance mountain bike racing, but there are some nice imitators if you are difficulty getting registered into this race.


24Bike Shop:  Wiggle Bike Shop (San Francisco, CA) (Bike shop #11 in world)


25. Place:  British Columbia mountain biking: either Trans BC Enduro, a five-day event or 24 hours race or find your own 2-mile trail. They host an entire gamut of the most pleasant road rides and the most extreme mountain bike events. Do not miss the opportunity to race a mountain bike 24 continuous hours on spectacular bike paths (See 24 Hours of Adrenaline).

26Bike Shop: Beikeid (Stockholm, Sweden). (Bike shop #12 in world),


27. Race:  La Ruta de los Conquistadores (3-day mountain bike race on dirt across Costa Rica, approximately 300 miles total).  Spectacular.  Afterwards, we explained how to survive best in a little article on their website. If you do not have time to locate the article, we recommend, in a nutshell, patience. Todo sale bien. One of several of these extreme mountain bike races claim to be the toughest on the planet. This one definitely is up there high on our list. But don’t take our word for it, you can find some that are worse (or better, depending on…)


28. Bike Shop: Cicli Berliretta (Berlin, Germany). (Bike shop #13 in world)

27.EventCadillac Challenge Loop (Road Bike, 98 miles). With a 26-year record, this is well organized.  On Mountain Desert Island in Maine.


28. Bike Shop: Box Dag Bikes (San Francisco, CA) (Bike shop #14 in world)

29. RaceRace Across Oregon (Road bike, starting in The Dalles, 625-mile course, with 34,000 ft of vertical climbing, with a time limit that will allow for some short naps, but if you want to check into a hotel each night for a 625-mile spin, this might not be your event.) You will see half of a beautiful state during that portion of the ride you are still mentally registering scenery.  One method to the apparent madness: the top riders in this amateur race will qualify for the Race Across America (so it is not as if anyone does this for pleasure or insanity—it is for a place in bigger and better things) As the title indicates, this is a race.  Mostly elite athletes, some of which are professionals, but some highly trained above average amateur athletes have survived.  Thus, the soccer moms in tennis shoes whom you perhaps beat in the Tour de Tucson do not sign up for this one. And if you increased your cardio a lot to pass the soccer moms in those century events this might not be your event either.


30. Bike Shop: Biceletas Roman Hoyos (Medellin, Colombia).. Even Nobel Laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez recognized this cycling leader. (Bike shop #15 in world)

31. Ride:  Santa Ana River Trail. This is a mountain bike trail in the San Bernardino Mountains of California, and eventually a road bike paved trail leading to Huntington Beach and the Pacific Ocean. All together, this is close to 100 miles, but not quite, and not continuously but what there is can be very nice to total bliss. The interruptions to the path include the town of Norco, where horse enthusiasts blockade a bike path. 


32. Bike Shop: Above Category (Mill Valley, CA). (Bike shop #16 in world)

33. Race:  The Silver State 508. A 508-mile ultra-distance road race located in Nevada. Qualifier for Race Across America.  Amateurs and professionals from around the world. This is the new Furnace Creek 508.  The new Race Director is Robert Panzera.  We know this race is not as bad (or fun, depending on how you view these things) as the predecessor (the old 508 in Furnace Creek), but no matter how you look at it, 508 continuous miles is a challenge to body, mind and your support crew following along in a well-equipped van. Next race starts in Reno, Sept 14-16, 2018.

34. Bike Shop: Huckleberry Bicycles (San Francisco). Excellent maintenance work. (Bike shop #17 in world)

35. Ride:  The Shinanami Kaido (Japan).  On a toll-road- bicycle-roadway safe from car traffic.  Not really 100 miles, but rather 64 kilometers, but after riding over six islands (in Seto Inland Sea), the exhilaration make it feel like a U.S. century ride, or perhaps better.

36Bike Shop: 718 Cyclery (Brooklyn, NY) (Bike shop #18 in world)


37. Event:  The Terrible Two.  A two hundred-mile timed tour in northern California (starts in Santa Rosa), this is one of the vigorous and demanding of the double centuries in the U.S., with over 15,000 ft in vertical climbing.

38. Bike Shop: Back Bay Bicycles (Boston, MA):        (Bike shop #19 in world)


39. SPIN: Indoor Cycling at LA Fitness, Temecula, California (15 indoor cycling classes offered per week).

40. Bike Shop: Tip Top Bike Shop (San Francisco): Has lifetime bike tuneups. (Bike shop #20 in world)


41.Event:  Heartbreak Double (and Century). Just north of the Los Angeles basin, from desert due west into forest land and back, (almost to Ventura) with lots of climbs, a California Classic.

42Bike Shop: Cherubim (Machida,Tokio, Japan). Founded 1965.   (Bike shop #21 in world)


43. Ride: Follow Daniel Boone.  High on natural aesthetics, low on miles (50) in Kentucky.

44. Bike Shop:  Missing Link (Berkeley/San Francisco). Co-op, super hip.:(Bike shop #22 in world)


45. Event: Mumbai-Indore-Mumba. This will qualify you to do Paris-Brest-Paris the next time it happens. 1,200 kilometer self-supported randonnee of the Randonneurs worldwide operation operated out of France.

46. Bike Shop: The Bikery Bike and Coffee Shop.(St. Petersberg, FL)  Campy and coffee are a nice "c" combination, and we tend to get more literary and less mechanical than you will find in most rankings.        (Bike shop #23 in world)


47. RideMiami To Key West. 160 relatively flat miles.

48. Bike Shop: Serk (Beijing, China)   (Bike shop #24 in world)


49. Event:  Salzkammergut Trophy. This is 210 miles on European dirt with a time limit of 16 hours. An outgrowth of the Leadville 100 mountain bike race, and almost as much as fun.

50. Bike Shop: University Bicycles (Boulder, CO)       (Bike shop #25 in world)


51. Ride: Dirty Kanza.  200 miles on dirt and gravel. Might be more work and fun than Leadville 100 mountain bike race.


52. Bike Shop: Community Bike Supply (Boston, MA)      (Bike shop #26 in world)


53. Event: Korea Grande Randonnee. Modelled after Paris-Brest-Paris, 1200 kilometers (90-hour limit) on a road bicycle without the rain and crêpes.(For all Randonees, see which years offered.)

54. Bike Shop: Mojo Bicycle Cafe (San Francisco, CA). Serves good food and coffee in bike-shop setting.  (Bike shop #27 in world)


55. Event: Santa Barbara Century.  One of the most peasant road bicycle century rides in California, this takes you over a little of everything, including spectacular views of Pacific Ocean, with some challenging climbing in early-to-middle-stages.

56. Bike Shop: Northside Wheelers (Melbourne, Australia)   (Bike shop #28 in world)


57. Event: Cape Epic.  8-day (700 kilometer) epic mountain bike event in South Africa.

58. Bike Shop: Belittle Bicycles (Jamaica, NY). Founded in 1918.  (Bike shop #29 in world)


59. Ride: White Mountain National Forest. An 80-mile ride in New Hampshire on a road bicycle.

60. Bike Shop:Kinoko.(London)   (Bike shop #30 in world)


61.Race: High Cascades 100. Departing from Bend, Oregon, this mountain bike race has been around a while as one of the first mountain bike events to use the Leadville 100 model.


62. Place: UC-Davis and City of Davis, CA. This is the mecca of college campuses for cyclists.


63. Ride: Belgian Waffle Ride. Inland from San Diego, this is 130 miles on a varied terrain, so you can decide if you want to enjoy this on a road bicycle, a cyclo-cross machine, or a mountain bike. The idea was actually popularized in Kansas. If you are a road cyclist with no experience on dirt, this can be a real challenge, so not a good choice for your first century ride.

64. SPIN: The Monster Cycle (Soho,  New York, lots of Kanye-inspired classes).

Top 64 Bicycle Races/Events Completed by Raymond L. Williams (and key background to the 64 places above and the 64podcasts below on cycling/spinning/training): 1. Boston-Montreal-Boston 1200k; 2. The Furnace Creek 508 (Solo) 3. 24-Hours Adrenalin World Solo Mountain Bike Race (British Columbia, Third in World); 4. La Ruta de los Conquistadores (3-day Mountain Bike Stage Race); 5-8. Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race (four Silver Buckles); 9-10 600k Brevcet (Twice, Randonneurs USA); 11.  PacTour 3,380 mile Transcontinental across USA in 26 days 12-14. 24-hours of Adrenalin Mountain Bike Race Solo (Idylwild, CA, twice); 15.. Iditasport 100-mile Mountain Bike Race (Alaska); 16. Perimeter Cycling 250-Miles (Arizona); 13. Furnace Creek 508 Duo; 14. Silver State 508 Duo;15-17.  400k Brevets (3 times) 18-19. Terrible Two Double Century (Twice); 17-19. Devil Mountain Double (Twice); 20-22. Heartbreak Double Century (three times);23. Tour de Two Forests; 24-26 Central Coast Double Century 28-30. Death Valley Double Century (three times); 31-32.  Butterfield Double Century (two times); 33-35 Hemet Double Century (3 times); 27-28. Solvang Double Century (three times) 29-31. Davis Double Century (three times ; 32-34 Grand Tour Double Century (Three times;  35. Borrego Double Century; 36-37. Camino Real Double Century  (twice); 38. White Mountain Double Century; 39-40. Joshua Tree Double Century (two times);41. Mullholland Double Century (twice); 42. Eastern Sierra Double Century;  43; Knoxville Double Century; 44 Triple Bypass (Colorado); 48-49. California Death Ride (twice); 50. Angeles Crest Century; 51. Vail Mountain Bike Century; 52-53 Ride Around Bear (three times) 54-55. Breathless Agony Century (twice);  56. Alta AlplinaCentury 57. 24-hours of Adrenaline Mountain Bike Race (Monterey); 58-60. Palm Springs Century  (three times) 61. Elephant Rock Century (Colorado);  62-63. Tour de Tuscson Century (twice); 64. Tour de Sewer on Fixed Gear 

MIDDLE 64 PLACES FOR CYCLISTS (Fine places to be on bike or with your bike when the top 64 are not available to you)


1. Ride: Phil’s Fondo; A century road bicycle event with lots of cookies to inspire


2. Bike Shop: Boulder Bike Works (Boulder, Colorado)  ( Bike shop #33 in world)


3. EventBig Tour of Bavaria. Somehow the Europeans manage to drink beer on this monstrous 1,200 kilometer Randonees, (90-hour limit) so this location makes for a high quality endurance road bicycle riding for them. (Check schedules for exact years in which years they are imbibing.)


4. Bike Shop: River City Bicycles (Portland, Oregon):        (Bike shop #34 in world)

5. Event: Cool Breeze Century.  If you want comfort and beauty, this century road bicycle event is your e event; it is among the nicest in southern California. With patches of Highway 1  and ocean views in the Malibu area.

6. SPIN: "Urban Cycle" (Minneapolis, MN, includes option of yoga, health beyond spinning).

6, Bike Shop:  David's World Cycle (Clearwater, Florida).:        (Bike shop #35 in world)


7. Race: Fireweed 400. This is a nasty 400-mile race on a road bicycle in Arkansas that will qualify you for the Race Across America


8. Bike Shop: ACME Bicycle CO. More than a bicycle shop. They know Moots.  (Bike shop #36 in world)

9. Ride: Fort Morgan Ride. Alabama. If the 400-mile race in Arkansas sounds horrible, check this out.


10. Bike Shop: Greeneville Custom Bicycles, (Greeneville, N.C).   (Bike shop #.37 in world)


11. EventColorado High Country Randonee (1,200 kilometers within 90 hours). High altitude version of Paris-Brest-Paris. More multi-grain cereal than crêpes.

12. Bike Shop:  Bike Doctor, (Vancouver, B.C.)      (Bike shop #38 in world)

13. RidePacific Coast Highway, San Francisco to Santa Barbara. You can easily spend a magnificent year doing this route really well from Seatlle to San Diego. 


14.  Bike Shop: En Selle Marcel, (Paris)      (Bike shop #39 in world)

15. Ride:  The South Downs Way.  On the American side of the Atlantic, we might call this a tough century ride with too many vertical feet of climbing and too high of a possibility of rain. In England, this is a Saturday stroll in the park for 160 kilometers on an elegant two wheels and 4,300 meters of vertical climbing, followed by a genteel cup of tea.

16. .Bike Shop: Orange 20 Bikes,( Los Angele). Unpretentious.       (Bike shop #40 in world)


17. Event: Granite Anvil Randonee.  The best part about this 1,200 kilometers in 90 hours or less is that it takes place in Canada which, overall, is far more bike friendly than the U.S.  In real terms, this means the car traffic is careful and even respectful, and the kind Canadians are as likely to help you out with food or water, if needed, as are the French. You might not get a crêpe, but I once received a precious free apple at a farmhouse in Canada after about 32 hours upright the bicycle (minus the 20 seconds I apparently fell asleep while vertical), something that somehow one never forgets. 


18. Bike Shop: Tandem Bike Cafe.  (Vancouver, B.C.):        (Bike shop #41 in world)


19. Ride: Major Taylor 6-day ride. In the 1890s Major Taylor was the first African American to win several racing championships on a bicycle. Only recently recognized as the champion athlete whom he was, his fame is growing in the twenty-first century. Check him out on Wikipedia, imitate his six-day race as a training ride.

20, SPIN: The Sweat Shoppe (Los Angeles).


21. Ride: Mt., Mitchell Ride, 5,275 vertical feet in 27 miles.  This is for climbers, and climbing is all you do in this celebrated ride in North Carolina. Almost identical: Mt. Evans Ride, Colorado.


22.  Bike ShopSellwood Bicycle. Excellent maintenance.        (Bike shop #43 in world)


23. Event: Palm Springs Century Ride. Every February, a 100-mile desert ride out of Palm Springs, California, with mostly Californians and a few hundred snowbirds. A big loop from Palm Springs to Indio.   Often very windy at the beginning, and not really all that scenic, but the weather is usually better than most places in the UJSA in early February. Usually around 10,000 total, can get a little chaotic, since it attracts a of newcomers.If this gets much bigger, in fact, it will go on our bottom 64.


24 Bike Shop:Muvin: movimiento urbano.  Buenos Aires.     (Bike shop world)


25. Event: Mt. Tams Double Century (or Century). In Northern California, you will ride up Mt. Tams, then ride a shorter circle for 100 miles or a longer one for 200 miles. Among the more challenging rides available in California. 

26. Bike Shop: Olympic Cycles. Cape Town: South Africa.      (Bike shop #45 in world)


27,Event:  Wildflower Century. San  Luis Obispo. This is one of the more scenic and pleasant ways to spend a day on a road bike. 


28 Bike Shop: Albert Cup Bicycles. Amsterdam.    (Bike shop #46 in world)

29. Event: Killing-Me-Softly.  A century ride in Tennessee with 7,500 vertical feet .

30. Bike Shop: Wheelworks. Boston.    (Bike shop #47 in world)


31. Event: Crater Lake Century. A hundred miles in scenic Oregon, road bike.

32 Bike Shop: West End Bikes, Portland, Oregon.     (Bike shop #48 in world)


33. Event RagbraiI: Ride Across Iowa. Oldest and largest muliti-day event. Cyclists who have done this always claim in it is great. (The same cyclists tend to claim all these are rides and many others are all great.)

34. Bike Shop: Rouen.  Buenos Aires, Argentina.       (Bike shop #49 in world)


35. Event: Bike Maine.  Seven-day ride.  The same idea as the prototype in Iowa.

36 Bike Shop: Cyclepath, Portland, OR       (Bike shop #50 in world)


37. Event:  Solvang Century (We hope find a way to rank this higher.)

38. Bike Shop: Bicicletas Oronzo, Mexico City (Col, Condesa)       (Bike shop #51 in world)


39. Event: Australian 1200k Randonee. Fredericksburg-Perth-Albany-Perth.

40.  Bike Shop:  Portland Bicyicle Studio, Portland, Oregon.        (Bike shop #52 in world)


41.. Event: The Lamb Ride (Maine). One of several rides in USA claiming to have the steepest climb (24% grade in this case)

42. Bike Shop: Casa Felix Bicicletas (Queretero Mexico).        (Bike shop #53 in world)

43 Race Across the West.  A few hundred miles from Oceanside, CA to Durango, Colorado on a road bikes to qualify for Race Across America.


44. Spinning.   City Cycle (Seattle; train without numbers, focus on body).

45. Ride: San Diego Century Ride.  A bike tour starting in downtown San Diego that takes a route east through some hills east of SD, and finishes in the city. There are two-three versions of this organized by different groups with same basic idea.

46. SPIN: Kondition (Boulder, CO)


47. Ride:  Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. A spectacular multi-day super-endurance ride from Canada to Mexico on Rocky Mountains. 


48. Spinning: "The Firm" (Minneapolis, MN; since 1990s)       


49.Skyline Drive Ride (Virginia, 105 miles, best done in October on a road bike)

50. Spinning: "Beautiful Bike" (Seattle; warmup with drums)

51. Race: Cascades 100 Endurance Mountain Bike Race.  Bend, Oregon. Competes with Leadville in difficulty.

52.Spinning: "Canyon Crest Athletic Club" (Riverside, CA). Certified Spinning instructors.

53. Event: Cheat Mountain Challenge (West Virginia).

54. Spinning: "Cycle Therapy" (Chicago, without numbers, monitors, weights). 


55. Gold Rush Randonee 1200k (northern California).  The Davis Bike Club, which does things really well always, organizes this 90-hour challenge from Davis, CA, up to the Oregon border, and back.

56.. SPINTempo (Portland, OR).  Good cycling and pilates. 

57. Ride: Boulder, Colorado to Gold Hill, straight uphill. for an hour or two. 

58. SPIN: LA Fitness, Temecula, CA (quality uneven, but 17 classes per week)


59. Anchorage to Seward over Turnagain Pass. 125 miles

  1. .

60SPIN: REVO CYCLE (Portland, OR; forget the loud music and yelling instructors; work on form, etc)


61.Ride:  Huntington Beach to Big Bear, CA (perfect tune-up on your mountain bike one month before Leadville 100 race)

62. SPIN: 'Push Indoor Cycling" (Chicago; more about training than lights and socializing)

63. Race Across America (RAAM). From West Coast to East Coast of the United States. Under this format, you finish in 7-8 days riding a bout 200 miles a day; you can pay to ride with groups  do this in 100 miles a day in a month, or you can take it easy, do 50 miles a day, and finish in two months.  


64. Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme. A 9,117 kilometer bike race through five climactic zones from Moscow to Vladivostok.

X. Series of Podcasts on Cycling/Spinning/Training

1. Cycling 101(Available on SoundCloud)

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6. Cycling-Spinning-Training 101 (Available on SoundCloud )

7.Cycling-Spinning-Training 102 (Available on SoundCloud scheduled 1/15/19) 

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11. Cycling-Spinning -Training106, Available on Sound Cloud)

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15, Cycling-Spinning-Training 110,  Available on Sound Cloud

(This is the tenth of ten series of podcasts; see the remaining schedule of the 64 cycling podcasts on the link 64X64

Our Bottom 64 Bicycling Places to Be

(Number 1 is the worst of the 64)

1. Tour de Sewer (Los Angeles, CA; lots of expensive bikes, not many good cycling bodies or anything else of interest to be seen)

2. Event: Rosarito-Ensenada Bike Ride, (Mexico; a moving party but too much drinking and not enough cycling for our taste)

3. Event: California Death Ride (was really good until local government took over from the cyclists)

4. Spinning: LA Fitness (Riverside,CA; all three clubs in this city offer classes that look more like zumba-driven parodies of spinning than real indoor cycling training)

5. Place: Long Beach on PCH (this is always ugly, even on a Sunday morning)

6. State of Florida (don't go there on a bike)

7. Place: Bolivia (so you high-altitude freaks can ride at 15,000 feet on mountain bike, but why fly so far to go so slowly in thin air?)

7. USC (not a bike-friendly campus)

8. Lake Elsinore, CA (not bike-friendly city)

9. Longmont, CO (not bike-friendly)

10. Place: Nepal (sounds exotic, but air too think to do much on bike)

11. Place: UC-Riverside (if your bike is one of the ones stolen weekly, campus police will scold you for your negligence)

12. Place: Detroit, Michigan (dangerous in car or walking too)

13. Birmingham, Alabama

14. Place: Mexico City (we like the new bike lanes, but the air impedes breathing)

15. Place:  Houston, Texas (we know cyclists there who are enthusiastic, but the air is as problematic as Mexico City)

16. Place: Moscow (bad car congestion)

17. Event:  Iditasport (Alaska; Even for snow-bikers it is not that much fun trying to ride a bike on snow and ice at 40 degrees below zero in Alaska) 

18. SPIN: LA Fitness, Tacoma (Tacoma, WA; find a spinning club in Seattle)

19. Event: The Breathless Agony Ride, California

(Original idea was good; too much bike and car traffic today)

18. Place: Bogota, Colombia, (car traffic horrorific, except on Sundays when stdreets closed for bikes along the Septima, the main street)

20. Place: Los Angeles River Trail (Los Angeles, CA)

21: Place: Tijuana, (Mexico; local cyclissts are trying to improve things, but meanwhile, not a nice place to be on a bike)