About us

We are the Top 64 Website of almost everything important. Using scientific data, recent research, surveys and polls (combined with our educated, judicious and occasionally subjective minds), we provide succinct information on the top 64 (and sometimes the bottom 64) of selected global human activity in sports, the arts and intellectual life. In most cases, we add a category for those individuals, institutions and/or items beyond the 64 that we call "on the bubble" or on the brink to making our top 64, obviously imitating the procedure in U.S. college basketball rankings each March. We create composite lists using other rankings, but we focus on both top and bottom. After beginning his academic career at the University of Chicago and Washington University in St. Louis (where he was tenured), Raymond L Williams has taught at the University of Colorado and the University of California, publishing 16 books along the way. He has spoken on NPR and written book reviews in newspapers, including the Philadelphia Inqjuirer. See his list of podcasts under the section 64X64. José Manuel Medrano recently completed his PhD as we open this public forum about the top 64 on almost everything that is important.


Betting & other uses

This is not a betting website. However, we intend to make you a more informed better, as well as a more informed reader, sports fan, cyclist and the like. No other website interfaces with the world of information, books, betting and life exactly as we do. We often get 1,000-2,000 per day, seemingly from betters, sports fans, academics, soccer moms, and web cruisers.  Beyond that, we aren’t sure exactly who are viewers are. As we upgrade this side and figure this out, feel free in the interim to email us and tell us why you read this. We update daily, post our updates every 4-6 days. In our second month in existence, we are serving 50, 000 viewers.


Our rankings and lists represent a globalized, hybrid, and diverse vision of human activity. For example, our ranking of top team sports compares athletic performance in soccer, football, basketball, hockey and rugby. Almost everything we write about books is international.

Our Staff

Raymond L. Williams


Editor and Chief Writer

 Distinguished Emeritus Professor ,

University of California 

Studies epic novels and does epic bike rides, has spoken on NPR and written book reviews for newspapers, including Philadelphia Inquirer.

Dr. José Manuel Medrano 


Founding webmaster

Associate Editor and Contributor

Proud parent of Wednesday, has already co-authored a book.

Hipatia Medina-Ágreda

Associate Editor


M.A. Baylor University

Likes Fenway & pilates, has book projects.

Erik Morales

Associate Editor

Guitarrista and Connoisseur 

Julio Enriquez-Ornelas

Associate Editor

Ph.D. University of California

Gourmet chef

Diana Dodson-Lee

Advisor & Contributor 

Teaches in North Carolina